Nanjing SceneWay Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd.

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We are a professional supplierof solvent productsmainly dedicated to the service of special rubber, biological energy, pharmaceutical synthesis, industrial adhesives, life science, aviation cleaning and other fine chemical industries. 

The operation mode of our company is divided into independent research and development, manufacturing consignment, assisting sales, agent sales and customized sales. Relying on the supply chain management technology of operating cash, the information network platform of independent research and developmentas well as the warehouse network of share-holding mode layout, we provide integrated supply chain service for production and circulation enterprises so as to reduce transaction costs.

As a cooperative partner who shares risks with customers, we will provide all customers with free information of product price, market supply and demand, price trend etc. At the same time, we provide customers with logistics, warehousing and financial support servicesso that customers can effectively avoid business risks brought by trade speculation, market fluctuations and promote friendly cooperation and win-win.
Nanjing SceneWay Petroleum Chemical Co., Ltd.
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